SUMMITSPHERE's Robokai has finished playing the game!

Overall, there are some things I'd like to change regarding both his and his Twitch chat's criticisms.

As such, I'd like to announce ANTONHALL 2.0.

?: What the fuck's a 2.0?!

A: Glad you asked! 2.0 will change/fix the remaining bugs, softlocks, and general balance + feel of the game.

?: New features?!

A: Yes. Lots. Can't go into detail, but I plan to add a new mode.

?: I'm beat this game on stream! Did you want me to stream it again after this update comes out?

A: As of right now? No. I don't think this update will be too big of a game-changer, but if it is, I'll let you know personally.

?: I have a suggestion to make to the game! Listen or perish!

A: Great, I'll pick the first option! Comment down below or message me on my discord server or through direct message. I listen to all criticisms, so don't be shy.

?: More secrets?

A: That's a secret.

Thank you all for your constant support on this game. Lots of love!

- [c]



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