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Not your Grandpappy's RPG-- a turn-based adventure game with an Anton TWIST!

ANTONHALL is a turn-based dungeon crawler where you explore the treacherous Hall Mountain to retrieve your trusty Gold Ball.

The nefarious Satan has an army of ball-busting moles ready to fight. Will you be able to take back what's rightfully yours? Or will you die trying?

"I didn't like RPGs until I played Antonhall."

- The ANGRY Gamer

"Antonhall sets the bar for RPGs as a genre."

- Fallatious of ANTONBALL DX dev team

"Move over Chrono Trigger, here comes Anton!"

- Nintendo Power

Arrow Keys- Walk/Move
Z - Interact
X/ESC - Pause

Please read the README before playing.

Enjoyed the game? Didn't enjoy the game? Tell me about it! Come hang out with me in my personal Discord where you can learn more about my projects: https://discord.gg/PhkfWrk

This game is best enjoyed after playing the original ANTONBALL by SUMMITSPHERE: https://summitsphere.itch.io/antonball

Game by: https://twitter.com/cness_50b

Original ANTON characters, music, and concepts are property of SUMMITSPHERE.

Install instructions


- Download the .tff Font
- Double click and extract Antonhall's .exe to a place of your choice
- Run Game.exe
- Enjoy!

Optional Instruction: Play ANTONBALL and ANTONBALL: PunchBall before playing this game.


ANTONHALL v1.5.5.zip 478 MB

Development log


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